You see the value in what you offer….
but are your dream clients seeing it too?

You've built a successful business from the ground up. Your services and products are life-changing and have the potential of making a real difference in the world.
So, why are you on the struggle bus?

It's time you crafted a consistent brand that creates trust in you, your genius, and your service. 

 I’ll let you in on a little secret: Starting a business doesn’t require stellar branding.
Hell, we’ve all done it: bootstrapped our way to sales because the bills aren’t going to pay themselves, amarite?  But that will only take you so far because...

to attract the clients you truly want to work with, you're going to need a brand that will get on their level.

Want to see past work?
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Brand Plan

Initial Brand Audit
Half-Day Brand Mapping Session
Ideal Client Assessment
Client / Offer Alignment
Look & Feel Inspiration Board

Brand Design

Custom Logo
Secondary Logo
Branded Color Palette
Visual Style Guide

Website Mapping Session
Website Design (up to 6 pages)
Site Development on Showit or Webflow


Ready to uplevel your brand & business?

Social Media Templates
Photoshoot Art Direction
Instagram Design Strategy
Package Design
Branded PDF Design
Presentation Template
And more...

Social Media Templates   •   Photoshoot Art Direction   •   Instagram Design Strategy
Package Design   •   Branded PDF Design   •   Presentation Template   •   And more...

Av Norden successfully launched a brand rooted in Michelle’s design expertise. I had a vision as a founder: a starting point, and lots of details. Michelle took my vision and my rough draft ideas and turned them into a strong platform for my brand to stand on. 

Our confidence in who and what this brand stands for has been very influenced by Michelle’s work. We have a growing instagram following, professional interest in collaboration, growing sales, and many projects on the horizon.

Uplevel your brand to
uplevel the clients you work with.

Establish yourself as the expert in your field.

Your people will resonate with you because you communicating a clear and visually stunning brand message. Making it easy to trust you and buy your product.

Ditch the brand and website shame.

Free yourself from the inability to make things look polished and share-worthy. You can finally say “hell no” to complicated DIY design tools and “hell yes” to an authentic, head-turning brand that will influence, impress and give your people #allthefeels.

Reclaim your time.

Quit spending your time designing. At some point, you have to put down the mouse and call in backup. Get back to the work that matters to you, focusing on working in your zone of genius and leading your team. I can take it from here.