Are you a coach or creative who aims to build a purposeful business around your zone of genius?
Do you have a vision and goals that you’re committed to achieving but not sure how? 
If the answer is yes, then you're my people!

Your passion is purpose-driven.
I believe your branding should be too.

You’ve got something real to say, but can’t figure out how to say it.
You know what you want from your business but don’t know how to make it happen. You’ve got a big heart and so much good to give.

It’s time you shared it with those who need it.

By crafting a clear & intentional brand, you're giving yourself a platform to elevate your brand to the level of your most dreamiest clients. All you need is someone who can help you unravel your ideas, goals, and vision and map them out in a clear and concise way that makes sense.

That's where I come in.

I see you, change-maker.

I know what it's like to have a big vision for what you want your business to look like. But I also know what it’s like to be on the branding struggle bus.

I once had a 9-forever job. On the outside, I was an art director at a fancy NYC agency. On the inside? Dying a little. 

But once I left and chose the entrepreneur life, it wasn’t all "comin’ up mill house". I knew I loved to design but had no plan or clue on how to build my business. Cherry on top? I was also a new mom, and that really poops on your identity.

It took a couple years for me to feel confident with who I really was and what I wanted to do with the skills that I have. I didn’t want to be “just another designer” but I was also afraid to take risks and try something that wasn’t done before. 

My confidence was built from several attempts and failures over the years. And you know what? It’s not something you NEED to get started. It's what is gained throughout your journey.

If you’re stuck in your business, trying to figure it all out or pivoting your biz into something new, remember that your confidence may not be there now but it will grow. Sometimes all you need is someone to guide you through the process and help you get clear on how to get there.

Hey! I'm Michelle, 
brand coach and designer.

Help you craft a brand that attracts the right people and build a business you love.

Michelle was an integral part of developing and maintaining my brand, and literally every single sales page, product design, promo, membership site design and even video design elements in my business were made by Michelle. There is no one else I trust to communicate my brand.

Av Norden successfully launched a brand rooted in Michelle’s design expertise. I had a vision as a founder: a starting point, and lots of details. Michelle took my vision and my rough draft ideas and turned them into a strong platform for my brand to stand on. 

Working with Michelle has given me the confidence I needed to believe in my message & create content that was authentic to who I am + what my brand stands for. She's guided me on how to come up with realistic strategies that are attainable rather than trying to do ALL the things at once like I was trying before. I am so grateful for the confidence I have not only gained in my brand, but in myself. 

In one day, Michelle took our half-baked ideas and transformed them into a full design that’s usable, on-brand and f*cking gorgeous to boot. It saved us time and kept us moving forward on the launch of our site.