Focus on your genius and uplevel your brand.

Focus on your genius
and uplevel your brand.

You need to cultivate what makes you special and turns passive followers into raving fans.

You need to cultivate what makes you special and turns passive followers into raving fans.

It starts with branding. It clarifies who you are and what you have to offer.
It helps you find your people. You know, the one’s who’ll whole-heartedly nod they’re heads along while reading every word you put out. The ones who align with your mission and values, and believe in what you do. The one’s who will pay you what you’re worth without hesitation.

Yeah, those people.

I help you craft your plan of action for you to follow with confidence to connect with them. Along with brand visuals that will make that first impression on them. It's time to make your mark and give your change-making business a a brand that inspires, connects and converts.

How can I help?

Something’s not working,
but I’m not sure what.

I want to audit and tweak my existing brand to elevate my message and attract the right people.

Who am I talking to and 
what am I selling?

I want to outline a brand plan to get clear on my message, goals and offers to best serve my people and build a damn good business I love.

My passion? Transforming brands from the inside out.

 You are already good at what you do. As your branding partner, my job is to help others see it.

After working together, clients have been able to successfully launch brands with strong platforms rooted in their vision. Through strategy and design, they've grown their following, sales, and gained professional collabs. Not to mention the confidence to do it all.

And it all starts with a mapped out brand plan followed by intentional, consistent visuals throughout your platforms to make (and keep) a positive impression in the eyes of your dream clients.

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Michelle was an integral part of developing and maintaining my brand, and literally every single sales page, product design, promo, membership site design and even video design elements in my business were made by Michelle. There is no one else I trust to communicate my brand.

Av Norden successfully launched a brand rooted in Michelle’s design expertise. I had a vision as a founder: a starting point, and lots of details. Michelle took my vision and my rough draft ideas and turned them into a strong platform for my brand to stand on. 

Working with Michelle has given me the confidence I needed to believe in my message & create content that was authentic to who I am + what my brand stands for. She's guided me on how to come up with realistic strategies that are attainable rather than trying to do ALL the things at once like I was trying before. I am so grateful for the confidence I have not only gained in my brand, but in myself. 

In one day, Michelle took our half-baked ideas and transformed them into a full design that’s usable, on-brand and f*cking gorgeous to boot. It saved us time and kept us moving forward on the launch of our site.

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